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High quality legumes and pasta from Emmer semolina. From Emmer the oldest grain known to man. Also flour and  cereals biologically grown in Greece.

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Emmer pasta

You will find in our stores pasta  made from 100%  emmers semolina. Emmer is the oldest grain known to man. Samples of emmer were found in excavations of prehistoric settlements throughout the Greek territory, with the oldest being the one of Theopetra’s cave in Kalambaka.

Our ancestors knew its great properties and used it both as every day food and expedition food . Rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, improved organoleptic characteristics, rich in fiber that contributes to improved functioning of the intestinal system.High magnesium concentration that stimulates the enzymatic processes of metabolism,that’s why it is also called magnet of life. Finally, it contains the known amino acid Lysine, the protein ingredient that increases the digestibility and is the main aim of "improvement" of modern grain.

The products from emmer and einkorn, which are ancestors of cereals, are recommended by many nutritionists doctors for their high nutritional value. Even more, the amount of gluten they contain  is decayed and digested by the body and does not affect in the least those who suffer from gluten intolerance.

We offer emmer pasta in various types:

Also we have sweet & sour frumenty made from the ancient Tutankhamun grain semolina.


Cereal flakes of greek , biological agriculture. You will find in our stores:

Husked Barley was an every day food during the prehistoric times up to the 16th century. Is an excellent source of a wide range of nutrients necessary for the organism to grow, to heal but also to be preserved in a healthy condition.

It contains vitamins E, C, B complex and  it’s rich in B12. Also, carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, lead, germanium, copper, lithium, zinc, selenium and others. All in a harmonious proportion.

In modern times it is not used mostly in human nutrition, but in modern animal husbandry, because it is necessary for the animals to gain muscle mass.

Scientific studies show that the existence of barley in a healthy diet can help reduce coronary diseases and cholesterol, something that is writen in products from barley in USA and it’s based on a proposal of the American food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA).

Liver problems, osteoporosis, rickets, urinary tract infection, diabetes, indigestion, fever, acute and chronic nephritis and acute rheumatism can be treated with therapy based on barley. It has diuretic properties and cleans the entire body, kidneys and bladder.

Recommended by several nutritionists doctors to people with an intolerance to gluten, because the low gluten that it has,is decayed and digested.

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Biological whole wheat flour, such as:

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