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Biological products

 Biological Jams & spoon sweets  
 Biological - light jams & spoon sweets

Biological, aromatic coffee 100% arabica

Biological legumes, pasta, cereals, flour  

High quality legumes, pasta, flour and cereals biologically grown and produced in Greece.

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                      Fresh aloe leaves

  With the fresh aloe leaves you can now incorporate aloe in your daily diet, enjoying its beneficial properties. You can use the jel from aloe vera’s leaf to make your own drinkable aloe juice, which is one of the best food supplements.

You can even prepare your own creams and provide a natural shield against old age on the face and body.


                     Carob products
  In our stores you will find a wide range of products made of biological Cretan carob, such as:

Carob honey

Carob chocolate




Carob cream

Carob flour
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Carob products

                  Chios Mastiha products

Organic biscuits and cereal bars

High quality organic biscuits from England that will perfectly accompany tea or coffee. Their pure ingredients makes them ideal for children.

Also, organic cereal bars in various flavors that will give you all the energy and nutrients you need during the day.

Biological agriculture products (biological products) are products for their production have applied rules laid down by community and national legislation.

Biological food products are safe, as they are controlled at all stages of the agri-food chain, from the farm to the store shelf, before they arrive at our table. They do not contain harmful to health and the environment chemical substances such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers.

You will find in us a great variety of organic products such as:

       ●  Cretan bee products

            Cretan bee products

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Our partners :

Exquisite, aromatic coffee produced from Arabica, the best coffee species in the world.Available in many flavors:

 Biological, aromatic cocoa  

Biological cocoa from France , available in various flavors…

                    Biological vinegar  

Balsamic and aromatic vinegar blended with natural pulps.

Gourmet vinegar from different kinds of wine, flavored from natural herbs that give unique taste in your food.

               Coconut milk and cream
Coconut cream is rich in coconut flesh. Its smooth, dense texture makes it ideal for all curry preparations with perfectly homogenized,non-greasy result. The cream is also suitable for the preparation of cocktails and desserts.