Chios mastiha

The mastic tree that thrives only on Chios island produces the mastiha.

It is a resinous liquid that emerges from the trunk of the tree after incisions made to it. Mastiha was known since antiquity for both its unique scent and healing properties.

Herodotus (5th century BC) refers to the resinous substance called mastiha. In Late Antiquity we find an abundance of mastiha-based prescriptions , the main ingredient for treating plenty diseases. Hippocrates (5th century BC) refers to mastiha’s therapeutic properties of nasal diseases.

Dioscorides (1st century A.D.) refers to mastiha for diseases of the uterus, as a mild heating, astringent and emollient.

Mastiha was intended primarily to treat upset stomachs and for the health of the oral cavity.

Of particular interest is the fact that mastiha was  also used for grooming.

The 4 century A.D. mastiha was used as a sunscreen.

The 6 century A.D. mastiha was a main ingredient of soap production.


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