Herbs for cooking

     Herbs are usually added to the pot at the time of cooking. There are other ways to be included in our plate, for example we can use flavored olive oil or butter, vinegar, sauces, flour, cheese or flavored salt, even flavored sugar for pastries.

  Raw salads, boiled or raw meat, fish and vegetables have much to gain if seasoned with olive oil or herbal vinegar. Cheese is not just flavored with herbs but also it’s better preserved. Flavored flour gives aroma in our sheet pies or desserts. Flavored sugar gives an extra flavor to the tea, the milk, fruit juices, fruit salads, creams and pastries.


● Mint-in meatballs, salads, burgers, soups, etc.

● Coriander - pastry, cake, bread, etc.  

● Lavender

● Louisa

● Parse-with chicken, meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables, salads

● Marjoram

● Fennel

● Lemon balm

● Celery -I n soups, salads, meat and poultry

● Saffron


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